Why Learner’s Bubble?


Learning is a never-ending process. We are learners throughout out lives; we learn something new each day. It is a natural process. How we teach, learn and grasp concepts or even simple facts has always fascinated pedagogists. This led to the coining of the term Instructional Design as a science (early 1920s).

The terminal goal of carefully designed instruction is stimulation of critical thinking in learners. The best teaching methodology is that which discourages memorization, but is rather a dialogue between the guide and the learners. This notion is not new though. The question-and-answer method of instruction was devised by Socrates (470-399 BC) which was a crude form of the modern day ‘interactivity’.

Socrates, Greek Philospher

Socrates, Greek Philosopher


The IT boom brought classrooms to the doorstep of learners and the coming up of various tools and techniques for teaching and learning has transformed the way we learn beyond the confines of time and space. This teaching/learning experience today known as eLearning, since its inception has grown by leaps-and-bounds. Since elearning is not confined to only the education sector but has its grasps on corporate training/learning and development too, the demand for instructional designers has also soared. No doubt its ‘The’ best field for those who are creative and have a flair for teaching.

confusedMost instructional design courses in colleges/institutions are specializations in one of the degrees in Education (eg, M. Ed.), short diploma or certificate courses. They all have a theoretical edge and are deficient in helping learners develop a practical approach towards instructional design projects. Those new to this profession will have many queries pertaining to design and development of courses, answers to which are not readily available. Learner’s Bubble has been created to address this growing need. With my experience in the elearning industry, I will try to answer queries right from the designing phase to the delivery of a project/course. I hope the upcoming instructional designers will find it useful and applicable.

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