What is Learner’s Bubble?

final_logo1 copy copyLearner’s Bubble, simply put is a knowledge sharing portal. It contains answers to all the questions budding and established instructional designers may have with regards to their profession, though the main focus is to provide interesting and informative articles and study material to those who are constantly trying to empower themselves with new knowledge.

The logo itself portrays a learner’s mind perfectly. It shows a thought bubble and a piece of puzzle which is an integral part to complete the thought. The colour scheme of green and orange has also been chosen, keeping in mind the colour psychology, to depict the calm, balanced and ever growing mind of a learner who needs but one stimulating and inspiring thread, a new idea to complete his thought.

At Learner’s Bubble, I will try to incorporate a wide range to articles and informative material on the theoretical as well as practical aspect of the instructional design principles.