I had never heard of the term ‘Instructional design’ until a few years ago when I started working for an elearning firm. At first it seemed like a highly technical field which required years of pondering into books written in Greek (apologies for my ignorance in computer languages) and be able to do magic with various softwares and Ta..Da….! You are an ID.

In the modern day, this may seem next to reality barring that the books are not in Greek but in absolutely comprehensible layman language presenting conventional and significant concepts in a modern technological light. Yes, a working knowledge of authoring tools used industry wide are a BIG plus, but more emphasis is laid on the in depth knowledge of learning theory and psychology, critical thinking, and creatively working out appropriate solutions.

After reading through the various theories and models, acumen in which seems to be a pre requisite for anyone who wanted a career in Instructional design, I was hardly surprised. Being a management school faculty member and having had a chance to deal with various types of students did give me an edge. Somewhere, at some moment I had applied those techniques and followed a logical procedure in preparing for my lectures. In order to prepare them, I first had to ascertain what had to be taught, to whom and how, then I extracted relevant information from various sources and designed a lesson in logical sequence breaking them into small chunks for better comprehension and retention. Isn’t this the crux of ID?

So, coming back to me, I have 5 years of professional experience in content management, editing, proofreading, writing and Instructional Design. Apart from those, I have also been involved in many ad hoc projects in the fields of event management, marketing communication, conducting personality development sessions and ethic seminars for university students etc. I have had a chance to work with some of the esteemed educational institutions in Thailand and India, and businesses with global presence. I believe in progressively honing my skill set for which this website is yet another effort; hoping that through this medium I may also be able to help other flourishing IDs.